Saturday, September 8, 2012


The person that exhibits competent communication is my father. My father is a Warden at a prison as well as a youth advisor for our church. When he speaks he is very calm and relaxed. He is open in his communication process. When he communicates, he speaks clearly and listens modestly. He does not interrupt people when they are speaking. He does not judge people in a negative behavior when he is speaking because of his authority. He stays on point of the conversation and does not use negative gestures while he is speaking. He uses the appropriate tone or communication skills for adults and children. My father communicates with people with respect and understands that we live in a diverse society. I would love to model my father's communication skills because of the way people respect what he is saying and they are attentive while he is speaking.


  1. Tamieka,

    Your father seems to be a wonderful speaker. He is wonderful that when he speaks that he respects everyone that he is talking to. It is good to know that we still have people in this world that understands the importance of communicating with others.

  2. Tameika,
    I would love to meet your father; he sounds a lot like my stepfather. They both have the skills to encourage others to listen and respond. My step father also speaks and/or communicates clear and calm messages and listens well. I believe some people are born effective communicators while others have to work at it. We all want to be heard but we do not always listen. Listening is an important aspect of communication. Your father possesses a variety of skills to effectively communicate with all people. I enjoyed reading you post.

  3. Tameika,

    Your father probably has to deal with people all the time, so it is a good thing he is a good communicator. I also think it is great that he is a youth advisor for your church. Because your father is a effective communicator those children can learn a lot from him. I admire the fact that your father respects others and listens to them, we need more people around like that.

  4. Tameika,
    I love the fact that your father is able to speak to all different people and understands diversity. You also mentioned nonverbal communication. Sometimes nonverbal communication can be worse than spoken words. You have a great person to help you through this course!