Saturday, October 27, 2012

Communication Finalé

Thank you all for your support and feedback as we complete this course. I have checked my next class and I have noticed that many of you are not in my next class. I am sad because I am so used to many of you. However, I would like to wish all of you the best as continue to exit this program. Good Luck to you all!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adjourning Stage

The hardest good-bye for me is when I graduated from college. The young women that took classes with were so respectful, honest, and passionate about success and providing nurture to the children, families, and the people that they interacted with. The communication between us was awesome, there was no arguing, only real communication. We brainstormed, shared ideas, and took those ideas an turned them into successful projects. We had some very amazing moments and expereinces that allowed us to grow and mature into professionals. We all had strenghts and weaknesses, therefore we always knew what the other person was capable of doing in a project or assignment. We all had equal roles, no one one was better than the other person. We knew the times when each person should step in and become a leader. I trusted these women, because trust was gained. Our environment was built on mutual trust, repect, and motivation. On our last day, we did a lot of number and address changing and there was alot of tears and hugs. When I adjourned from this group of women it was a sad day, but we did reflect on our happy days and we knew our relationships was built on a positive and respectful foundation.

Adjourning lets you know that you have successfully acheived a personal or professional goal. It means that you made it to the end, which is a good thing. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to communicate with some very intelligent and passionate women and men. These individuals have shared their strenghts and weaknesses in life and in their work experiences. They have empowered and motivated me when I wanted to take a different path. Although we are online colleagues, its going to be hard not interacting with my colleagues, because reading the posts and blogs makes me feel that I know these individuals personally and we are having face-to-face conversations. We only have three classes to go after we exit from this course and its going to be hard because I have dedicated myself to this Master's program, but the adjourning stage will be a happy time for me because I have completed a personal and professional goal, as well as my colleagues completing their courses and obtaining a degree.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conflict Manangement

I recently had a disagreement with a colleague on a child’s potty training skills. The colleague felt that the child who was three should still be in pull-ups, but the parent was not putting the child in pull-ups at home. I told the colleague that this process was hurting the child and that the child needed consistency in his potty training. Therefore, we came up with a strategy that benefitted the child and caused less tension in the classroom. We sit down with the parent and came up with a solution that allowed the child to wear pull-ups at school and we would take the child to the restroom. We were open and listened to the reasons of how the child was confused from wearing underwear at home and pull-ups at school. In the situation, I could have used the cooperative strategies, but escapist strategy would only have been the second option. We were responsive, respectful, and reciprocal to each other, but more important to the well-being of the child.

I asked my colleague about how she deals with conflict and effective communication; she stated that she listens to the cons and pros of the conflict. She stated that she knows that the parent is always right, but she believes that her job is to provide nurture and safety that meets the developmental needs of the child. She also stated that you have to talk through a problem when a conflict arises. She does not believe in violence, therefore she always believes in respectful means of communication. She stated that when communication is equal, then it will be effective if an issue of conflict arises within an educational setting.