Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gender, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation

Your response to those who believe that early childhood centers should avoid the inclusion of books depicting gay or lesbian individuals such as same-sex partnered families

I believe that early childhood centers should not avoid the inclusion of books that depict gay or lesbian individuals because now we live in such a diverse world. I believe that families consist of same parents because that is what today's families consist of. I rememeber last year when I had a family that consisted of two mothers and the other children asked why he had two mothers. He stated that one of the women was his mother and the other lady was his mama. I believe that children need to be aware of this diveristy and they need to be prepared to deal with the difference of family unit that exists in our culture now. I believe that teachers and parents should be sensitive towards these issues, but all types of families need to be introduced within the educational setting.

If you have ever used or heard homophobic terms such as "fag," "gay," "homo," "sissy," "tom boy," or "lesbo" as an insult by a child toward another child? Or, by an adult toward a child? Describe what occurred. How might these types of comments influence all children? (Note: if you have not had a personal experience, ask a family member, friend, or colleague)

I have never used these terms before, but I have heard people use these terms in an inappropriate manner. I remember people calling my cousin these words when he was younger. I remember when we was at my grandmothers house and one of my relatives called my cousin a sissy because he was playing with babydolls. This influenced my cousin to become a transgender a few years later. My cousin hid his sexuality from his family and friends for many years. My cousin endure emotional and verbal abuse from his family, as well as his peers from his classmates in school. The abuse and negative remarks that my cousin endured as a child did influence him, but he stated that it was his choice to be with men. I believe that negative influences can impact a child's development and cause them to become what people label them as.