Sunday, September 30, 2012

Communication Evaluations

My evaluations were consitent of those of my former co-worker and husband. I was not suprised with any of the outcomes. I was suprised that being to empathetic could lead to being too trust-worthy. This can either be a negative or positive perspective.

On the Listening Skills Profile I was labeled in Group 1. I am empathetic and concerned with the emotions of others. This listening relationship helps you to build relationships, but it can infer with proper judgment because you tend to be very trusting of others.

On the Communication Anxiety Inventory I ranged between 21-33. It reported that Ifeel comfortable communicating in most situations and feel confident in anticipating such encounters.

On the Verbal Awareness Scale I was moderate. I maintain a good balance between respect and consideration for others viewpoints, and the ability to argue fairly by attacking the facts of a position rather than the person holding the positions.


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