Friday, September 21, 2012

Cultural Diversity in Communication

Based on what you have learned this week, share at least three strategies you could use to help you communicate more effectively with the people or groups you have identified

I believe that I can use the strategy of listening. I believe that I can be more attentive and open-minded to learn more about their cultures. I can listen to what the person is saying without interruption. I will try to select all of the important information, so that I can get a better perspective of the person and their culture.

The second strategy that I can use is being of aware of my own emotions and understanding the meaning of other cultures and their emotions. I can be more aware of my own emotions, dispositions, and nonverbal skills, because I do not want to offend someone because of my body gestures. I am very sensitive; therefore I show a lot of eye contact to let the person know that I can relate to them and the diversity of cultures, however in many cultures that would be offensive.

The third strategy is learning. I believe that I can learn more about another culture, even before the conversation or communication process begins. This will help alleviate stress and tension; it will make the communication process more engaging.


  1. Hi Tamieka,

    I believe you have listed the top three strategies for effective communication. Understanding one's own emotions and culture is the foundation for beginning to build strong communication skills. From there,learning about and understanding the cultures of those we engage with is important. Listening is the key to participating in respectful and worthwhile interactions.


  2. Hi Tamieka

    Listening is the first step in making sure that communication is respectful in my opinion and I agree that it is an effective mean of communication. In reading your post, it helped me to learn being more aware of my own emotions helps others to communicate better to me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Tamieka,

    I agree with your post. Listening is a great skill to learn, and so is learning. When we know more about a culture or belief it will help us understand people better, and respect them.