Saturday, September 15, 2012


Television Off-
The television show that I normally do not watch is Hollywood Heights. From watching the television show with the sound turned off, I could see that the characters did not get along with each other. I could tell from the show that the characters Adrianna and her dad were had a hard time talking to each other. Her dad appeared to be in her face and she was crying. He was being aggressive and pulling on her arm.
Adrianna seemed to be very sad, and the father seemed to take control of whatever they were talking about.

Television On-
I was on track, but I misrepresented the emotions of the characters. Adrianna was crying, but when I listened to the show with the sound on she was crying because she was pregnant and her dad was telling her he supported whatever decision that she made.
Yes, because I am not familiar with these characters or the plot of the show. I didn’t know that a aggressive touch meant that I am supportive of you and your decisions. I was not familiar with the behaviors of the characters, so this cause me to misjudge or misrepresent what the characters were actually discussing .

I learned that sometimes a person’s nonverbal cues may not match their verbal cues.


  1. Tamieka,

    I have conversed with many people in the past in which their non-verbal cues did not match their verbal language. This made be very uncomfortable because I couldn't figure out what they were exactly trying to convey during the interaction.
    Has this happened to you before?

    1. Yes, especially working with young mothers!

  2. Tamieka,

    I have never seen that show before either, and I think I would make the same assumptions as you did. Usually if someone is aggressive it makes you think angry. In some culture maybe what we misinterpret as aggression my actually supporting and loving.