Saturday, May 19, 2012

Research that Benefits Children and Families

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I found an article that discusses the benefits of research toward Head start and Early Head Start programs.  Many people view these programs as baby sitting jobs, but research shows a different perspective.  National Family and Child Experiences Survey data shows that HS graduates, by the spring of their kindergarten year, were essentially at national norms in early reading and early writing and were close to meeting national norms in early math and vocabulary knowledge (National Head Start Association).  Head Start and Early Head Start are programs that provide young children educational and health benefits.  Many of the children who attend these programs reap high quality benefits. EHS children had a higher cognitive, social, and emotional score than the children in the control group.  They also had children who were good health care compared to the children who were not enrolled in the Head Start Program.   There was also research that showed that Head Start programs were credited for lowering childhood obesity.  The children in EHS programs were more likely to have had their immunizations. Research shows that HS is a wise investment for society (National Head Start Association). Children in Early Head Start and Head Start also benefits from economic and law enforcement benefits.  Along with improving the health of its children and families, HS benefits its children and society-at-large by reducing crime and its costs to crime victims (National Head Start Association).

Many of us aware of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs in our state and community, but sometimes we are unaware of the benefits of these programs.


National Head Start Association (NHSA)(n.d.).Benefits of Head Start and Early head Start Programs. Retrieved from


  1. Hi Tamieka,

    how lucky you are and the children around you that the government is really take care of the children's well being by providing the program such as Head Start and Early Head Start.

    A program like this not only provide young children educational and health benefits, but for sure will give impact to the well-being of the country overall.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Evita Kartikasari

  2. Excellent job Tamika

    I really enjoy reading about your perspective on this vital topic

  3. Hi Tamieka
    Head Start is such a great program for children and families. This was a wonderful article, Thanks for sharing.