Saturday, June 2, 2012

Research Around The World

The website that I chose to explore is The Early Childhood Australia website focuses on social justice, quality and equity for children ages birth to 8years of age.

Through exploring this website, I found many research topics in the early childhood education field. Research shows children who parents who talk less, means that through encouragement the child will talk more. A University of Sydney study has found children with well below average language skills performed almost as well as their normally developing peers just four months after their parents made a few simple changes in the way they interacted with them. (  I was very surprised on this research, because I thought that the more the parent talked the more the child language skills and speech will increase.

From reading the focal points of the articles, they have issues related to the budget; and how the government is dedicated to the educational sector of early child care and education.  The website also discussed research topics that include:

1. Learning and teaching through play

2. Respecting diversity: Articulating early childhood practice

3. Children’s Resilience:  Working with the Early Years Framework

4. Discovering letters and sounds

5. Aggression and young children

6. Babies: Good beginners last forever

Basically from browsing some of the research articles, it seems that this country is also dedicated to early care and education.  They are also dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of the child by doing research and observations on how to better meet the individual needs of the child.  ECA like many organizations is also focused on maintaining a budget that reflects early care and education.

I was not surprised of the issues that affect Australia, because it seems that the entire world has child development and well being of the child as a high priority.



  1. Hi Tamieka,

    Great Post. It is ironic how different places have the same problems. It is up to us as educators to make sure that we try our best to find resolutions to these problems.

    Erica Hines

  2. Tamieka,
    I enjoyed the website. It is always nice to see what others are doing for a change.You mention " it seems that this country is also dedicated to early care and education". I think that this is wonderful. If we could get it to happen world wide and for all the children not just on special group.
    Thanks for another resource.

  3. Hi Tamieka,

    I am very interested in this website as well, about the early childhood issues and research in Australia.

    Have you ever visit Australia? I would like too. Well someday maybe we will....

    Great post!

    Evita Kartikasari