Saturday, May 12, 2012

Your Personal Research Journey

The three subtopics that I choose all consisted of issues that were related to the early childhood field.  However, I felt that after reviewing the literature and research simulation that the topic that I chose would be more beneficial to my research process. The topic that I chose is---Is poverty related to the outcome of a child’s social and emotional skills?

I chose this topic because I am interesting in expanding my knowledge on how poverty adversely affects a child’s social and emotional development of a child.  I feel that this topic is relevant because of the community that I live in consist of children and families that are below the poverty level. Therefore, I can continue to guide children and families in the appropriate direction when it comes to the developmental issues that affect children because of poverty. The research stimulation gave me insight on how to effective choose and research a topic.  However, I am still a little nervous on my topic.  I hope that I find success in finding effective and credible resources on the topic.

If anyone would like to share any comments or suggestions on this topic, please feel free to give your advice and comments. I am open to any new ideas that are related to this topic.


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