Saturday, March 30, 2013


National Association for the Education of Young Children


I chose this organization because of how they are truly involved in the well-being of the young children.  Their mission reflects how they are focused on young children.  They create opportunities for young children to grow and thrive.  They also represent the child in all developmental domains.  NAEYC also focuses on making teachers and parents more involved in the developmental process and outcome of the child.  NAEYC is dedicated to provide quality care for young children.

Job Opportunities
Program Support Coordinator

To support the work of our accreditation system for program for young children to coordinate our scholarship fund for programs engaged in NAEYC Accreditation.

Skills and Expereinces

·         Must have a minimum of a B.A. degree, preferably in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Organizational Development or a related field. 1-2 years customer service experience

·         1-2 years work experience in the field of early childhood or a related field, knowledge of accreditation systems (preferably NAEYC’s), excellent MS Office Suite and database management skills are required


National Education Association


I chose this organization because it benefits the welfare and the developmental outcome for all children.  NEA represents quality educational programs and believes in continuing the improvement of early childhood education through funding.  NEA believes that our country should invest in early childhood education and programs.  It also places emphasis on the NO Child Left Behind Act.

Job Opportunities

Executive Director - Health Information Network

NEA HIN is an independent health and safety non-profit organization closely aligned to the National Education Association (NEA). NEA HIN advances information, programs, services, and policies that improve the health and safety of NEA members and the students they serve.

Skills and Experiences

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university is required. An advanced degree or advanced degree coursework is strongly desired.
  • At least 7 years of progressively responsible experience in a related field (such as teaching, school health-related fields, and health policy) and including at least three years in directing strategy and managing staff, projects, partner relationships, and budgets.
  • Experience in implementing health policy in real world settings, working with teachers and other public school educators, working with labor unions, building supportive alliances with third parties, navigating complex governance processes, fundraising, and marketing.
  • Governance and Leadership


Voices for America’s Children

I chose this organization because it advocates for young children.  I believe that as adults and teachers and educators that we should be the voice for young children whose voices are not heard.  It is one of the largest non-profit advocacy organizations. This organization is important to me because it focuses on equity and diversity, health, school readiness, school success, safety and economic stability.

Job Opportunities


·         The goals of the Advocacy Supervisor position include:

·         (1) ensure that children assigned to CASAs receive the advocacy they need; (2) ensure that the children's best interests are presented to the Juvenile Court;

·         (3) ensure that the needs of the volunteers are met and that the volunteers are satisfied;

·         (4) ensure that the policies and procedures of VFC are followed by all volunteers; and

·         (5) promote the mission of Voices for Children in the community.

 Skills and Opportunities

The ideal candidate shares these characteristics, has a bachelor's or master’s degree and at least two years of professional experience.



  1. Hello Tamieka,

    I enjoyed reading your post this week. One of my favorite organzaitions are the NAYEC. I found lots of vital information from their website pertaing to early childhood education. Are you interested in actually applying for one of these positions? If so, I think you would do great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tamieka,
    Your blog was very nice.I especially liked the Voices for Children organization,that wasaz new one to me and one I definitely plan on researching some more, I am already a member of NAEYC and NEA and really encourage all early childhood professionals to join these organization.