Saturday, July 21, 2012

Practicing Awareness of Microagressions

Describe at least one example of a microaggression which you detected this week or remember from another time.

 I have not been out lately because, its summer time so the only people that I engage in any conversation or activity is my family.  However, last year I did experience microaggression when my husband and I were buying our first home.  We went into an area that is known for the dominant culture, but when we pulled up into their office space the man greeted us at the door, and he boastfully told my husband, I know you must be a dope boy because of your truck and the rims on your truck.  Of course, my husband and I are try  to be respectful and calm in all situations, so we held our peace, although we felt insulted.   The man said, “Oh I was just joking”.  Then when he was asking us questions about our income, my husband told him  his income, and he asked do we receive any additional income, and again we said no, and he asked us so you all  do not receive any government checks and we said no again. So, after we felt the prejudice, we said excuse us for a minute and we went and got back into our automobile.  As we were exiting the premises, a young man came to the truck and asked was everything okay, and we told him about the attitude of the older gentlemen and he apologized for his negative behavior.

In what context did the microaggression happen?

People feel that when black people have rims and nice cars we must be drug dealers.  It is like we can’t work hard and buy whatever we choose.  People judge people based on their own assumptions creating racial conflicts among people.

 What did you think and feel when you observed the microaggression or when you found yourself as the target of a microaggression?

Until this week, I was not just focused on the term microaggression.  However, I have gained insights on microaggression and the forms of microaggression.  When I experienced microaggression last year, I was insulted and upset.   On the other hand, I know that people look at other people and they are quick to judge.  People can be ignorant and judgmental, you can either play into their ignorance or you can choose to ignore them.

In what ways did your observation experiences this week affect your perception of the effects of discrimination, prejudice, and/or stereotypes on people

I believe that people have attitudes and behaviors of discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes.  However, you have to prepare to deal with these negative circumstances.  I believe that I am more able and willing to deal with people and their negativity.  I am in the Early Childhood Field and I want the children that I educate to feel respected, because I know that I have to be a positive role model for those young children.


  1. Wow. That was flat-out racism! Have you considered notifying someone? I am afraid that if that individual is a sales person, or has anything to do with determining who is able to buy a home - that deserving families will be excluded simply because of race.

  2. Hi Tamieka,

    Ditto to what Gregory said. I am so sorry that you had to endure such insults. It is simply a disgrace that there are so many people out there with such unfounded prejudices.

    You have such a good attitude. I commend you and your husband for not stooping to the level of that sales person.

    We need more individuals, like you who can persevere such situations and still say they want to be someone who can hopefully change the world by teaching future generations how to respect everyone.