Saturday, February 11, 2012

“My Supports”

“My Supports

Within my daily environment, my husband has to be my biggest support system.  He supports me in my career choices, my parenting skills, basically any decision in my life he gives me positive advice.  He supports me when I doubt myself, by encouraging me to always hold my head.  He supports me spiritually by being my partner in making moral and important decisions throughout the course of my life.
My children support me in a happy way.  When I become tired and stress, they support me by letting me know that they are more important than anything in my life.  They make me laugh.  My kids are the reason why I still feel like a child.  They support me with hugs and kisses, and plenty of love.
My parents are one of my biggest support systems.  They have endured many challenges with me and have supported me in whatever I have done.  I am so bless to have the support of my parents because their guidance and encouragement are one of the reasons why I am who I am.
My brothers are also a part of my support team.  They support me by giving me brotherly advice about life and relationships.
My friends are another factor in my support system.   They support me when I need me time, by motivating me that I need some alone time from my family.
My co-workers who have been my support over the years have been amazing.  Through evaluations, new parents/children/ families and reviews from the state and federal teams, there support has helped me pass thorough difficult challenges. 
My church supports me when I unsure about the struggles of life, by providing me with spiritual guidance.
Furthermore, if these supports would vanish, I feel that I would be unbalanced.  I feel that I would struggle to make certain decisions that affect my life without these people.
My challenge would be using my other senses to guide me through life.  My cousin is blind.  However, I feel with assistance and guidance that I could learn to accept this challenge.  I believe with a strong support system that my emotional, physical, social, and cognitive needs could be met with their love, support and encouragement.  I believe that their support would be my inspiration to get through any obstacle.  I feel that if I did not have their support then I would definitely be faced with many challenges, because I have learned to depend on their support throughout my life.  I believe that emotionally I would be strained if I did not have their support.


  1. Tamieka,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I think it is so important to relize your the people and things that support you. Recongizing the people and things that support you allows you to really appreciate them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with you, a strong support system would help me get through challenges as well. When doing this assignment I thought about what it would be like to not have my support system and to rely on strangers to be my support. I believe that would cause more anxiety and stress. I think that I am able to get through my challenges because my support system knows me so well and I feel comfortable with them. This made me think about the challenges that children have and how difficult it must be for them not only because of the challenges they are facing, but because they have to learn to trust so many new people to help support them.

  3. Tamieka,
    When I was thinking of my support systems, i didn't think about did I miss that? Thank you so much for opening my eyes to one of my biggest supports...spirituality!

  4. Hi Tamieka

    I enjoyed reading your post about the supports in our life that helps us make life decisions. After reading your posts, We both have husbands that are big impacts in our lives. Everybody needs someone to love and support them in their life's decisions.