Friday, January 13, 2012

Relationship Reflection

The relationships and partnerships in my life are what inspires and represent the person that I am and the person that I want to become.
My husband, Travis is my rock.  The relationship that he and I have is unbreakable.  We endure good and bad times together.  We depend on our faith in God to lead and guide us through a successful marriage and making wise decisions in raising our children.  The challenges that have been handed to me through live have been bad, but it was a blessing to have the relationship and hand of my husband to hold me through my bad days, but even better on my good days. My husband is my encourager and my supporter, regardless of what path I choose to take in my life.
My mom, Betty is the reason that I am able to follow my dreams.   She encouraged and supported me through my childhood dreams, and she is still my number one supporter as pursue other goals and aspirations in my life.  The relationship that we have grows stronger as we both grow older.  I realize that the way she raised me was based on values and integrity.  Therefore, I am thankful for our relationship.
My father, Clifton, was guide through church. Our relationship was defined on the leaning and depending on God.  He taught me the most important relationship that I will ever have with anyone in life will be God. Our relationship, because of this is amazing, most of all spiritual.
Tavion, Mackenzie, and Kaleb made me learn to more compassionate, more nurturing, and more understanding.  When a child comes to school sad, I will be the first to show that child compassion and love instantly.  The relationship with my three kids is precious.  My relationship with them is warm and patient, because that is what they have taught me how to be over the past five years.
My friend Erin is my angel. Our relationship has made me such a better person.  She always gives me positive advice about my life.  She taught me to treat people how you want to be treated and never take a friend for granted.  Our relationship has helped me gain a better understanding of honesty and friend.  She is a wonderful person, who good behavior has influenced me to be a better person.
Each relationship that was mentioned above has involved a personal challenge.  However, I overcame all of those challenges and formed bonds in the relationship that will last for a lifetime.  For example, I was very disobedient as a child, but my mom and dad provided me with a guidance that my negative behavior of wanting to be grown before my time did not turn into a negative outcome.
The relationship with my kids gives me a stronger virtue of being an effective, nurturing, and caring early childhood professional. My relationship with my parents has taught me how to be respectful, therefore as an early childhood professional I know respect is major part of developing relationships with my co-workers, children, parents and the community in which I work.  My relationship that I have with my friend Erin reflects how I am an open-minded communicator, which is the foundation for working in the Early Childhood Field.
The relationship that consists of the words trust and marriage has turned my relationship with my husband into a partnership.


  1. My mom was very influential in my life too. She calls me her best friend because we have such a close relationship. I value our relationship because I feel comfortable talking to her about anything. She is able to give me great advice because of her experience and wisdom. I hope to one day have a relationship like you have with your husband and children. You are so blessed to have both.


  2. I am so happy to read so many positive relationships with mom, it is so important to have a healthy positive relationship with someone so close to you.I am sure that this will influence you in your relationship with your children.You are very blessed.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and learning about your great relationships. It is important to have positive, supportive people in your life. It sounds like you also have a great relationship with God as well!