Saturday, October 22, 2011

Examining Codes of Ethics

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethics

Ideals- Ethical Responsibilities to the Children
I-1.5—To create and maintain safe and healthy settings that foster children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development and that respect their dignity and their contributions

Ideals- Ethical Responsibilities to the Family
I-2.5—To respect the dignity and preferences of each family and to make an effort to learn about its structure, culture, language, customs, and beliefs.

I choose these two ideals because I believe that it is our goals as Early Childhood Educators to foster a healthy development for all children.  I also believe in respect.  I believe that respect is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship.  I also believe that regardless of a child or family culture, respect should be given at all times.  I also believe that it is our responsibility to help children meet their developmental goals through nurture, respect, and a safe relationship and environment.

The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Code of Ethics Responsive Family Centered Practices
We shall demonstrate our respect and appreciation for all families’ beliefs, values, customs,
languages, and culture relative to their nurturance and support of their children toward achieving
meaningful and relevant priorities and outcomes families’ desire for themselves and their children.
Again, I have a strong belief in respect, therefore which is why I choose this practice.  I also believe that it is a big part of my own characteristic. I believe if you have respect, then things will be smoother when developing relationships with children and their families. If you start off disrespectful toward a family, in regard to their culture or language, then it will be hard to have a mutual relationship with that particular family. I beleive that respect is a major attribute of my personal and professional development and growth, therefore it is a attribute that I want to continue to strive for excellence toward.

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